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"humble, knowledgeable and honest"

I never liked the process of buying a house, but Corey made it easy for me and I am extremely glad that he was by my side for my first home purchase!Corey always answered my questions- early morning, late night, weekends, whenever... Corey is extremely patient which is hard to find in today's fast-paced world. Corey has great knowledge of the housing market and the Bay Area.I realize some of today's "Professionals" are mostly "Know-It-Alls" (Arrogant - Just can't be wrong - Talks down to you, etc...) Corey is just a humble, knowledgeable and honest guy that is very easy to approach.I won't be buying another home anytime soon, but I will be recommending Corey to anyone that's looking for a house!

- Denny C.

"Professional, knowledgeable, and empathic"

Professional, knowledgeable, and empathic to our home needs!As first-time home buyers, my wife and I made the absolute best choice in working with Corey to purchase a condominium home in San Francisco. Initially, we weren't sure if we were financially ready to start looking for a home. We weren't even Corey's clients at the time, but he still answered our questions and connected us to the right people that helped us better understand our situation. We were able to come out of these meetings with a price range we were comfortable with and got the process started.We officially kicked off the process over coffee as my wife and I explained to Corey our needs and preferences. He's always up-to-date with the real estate scene so he was able to suggest a few areas and places we could look into. When we attended open houses together, he always did his homework beforehand and provided us with his expert opinion on what he thought each place would go for and the amount of repairs/remodeling that'd need to be done. And most important of all, he wasn't pushy at all. If a place didn't fit our needs, we'd move on until we found one that did. With someone as knowledgeable and trustworthy as Corey, we knew we're in good hands.Throughout the whole thing, Corey was very quick in responding to our questions and concerns. Even after we put down an offer, he made sure we understood everything and kept us updated. I'm sure a number of headaches were prevented because of how diligent and professional Corey is.We are proud to say that we are new homeowners, and it's all thanks to Corey. Any real estate agent can help you write and submit an offer, but few are as professional and empathetic as Corey. I'd definitely recommend him to any friends or family looking to buy or sell a home!

- Vinson Y.

"made it INCREDIBLY easy"

As a first time home buyer- I was overwhelmed getting started. Corey helped ease the whole process, and made it very easy and fun. He really took the time to explain and make me feel at ease with everything. I've came across many other realtors, and boy am I glad was blessed enough to be able to work with Corey. Buying a house is a huge step, and Corey was there every step of the way. His knowledge and ability to make you feel comfortable with the process is uncanny. His responsiveness and expertise is unmatched.He spent hours answering me and fiancè's questions, providing objective data about the market, running analysis and comps in different neighborhoods we were looking at. Corey made it INCREDIBLY easy and took many extra steps that realtors don't (but should) do.When it came down to putting in an offer our dream house, the property already had 12 existing bids. Corey did his research and diligence to see what would make our offer stand out. Long story short, even after bids continued to roll in after our offer was submitted, my family will be moving into our dream home at the end of the month.I'd recommend Corey to anyone I know. You'll be lucky to be able to have someone of Corey's calibur on your side.

- Nick W.

"Corey worked tirelessly"

We had an initial meeting with Corey to discuss what we were looking for, which areas and what price points. He sent us at least 10-15 homes right off the bat; half of which we went to take a look at that weekend. We ended up closing on a home less than 2 months after that meeting.The home wasn't initially on our list but Corey insisted that we take a quick peek since we were already looking at homes in the area. We fell in love and started doing our research right away. It was a trust sale and many offers had been previously rejected, so we relied on Corey's expertise to submit an offer the seller wouldn't refuse.Compared to my last experience (over 1.5 years of searching and over 5 rejected offers), I can say that this was a dream.Corey worked tirelessly and responded to messages no matter the time of day. He was super flexible and always worked around our schedules. He met us at the property at least 5 times before we submitted an offer.I'd work with Corey again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him to anyone navigating the Bay Area housing market.

- Violet C.

"We highly recommend Corey"

Corey had been a very great realtor and very prompt in his work. Getting a house especially in Bay Area is very challenging which he helped us getting and closing the deal of our very first home in US in our desired location. He is approachable and responsive and had been working hard and was flexible in timing and showing us properties in the late evenings on weekdays and weekends aswell. He is very good in planning and putting them into actions. He was very fast in getting the disclosures and studying the details of it and finding minute details of the property.He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and effectively communicated our thought to the sellers/sellers agents. Other than being a realtor he has been a great friend of ours. We highly recommend Corey for getting your new dream home :)

- Ruby S.

"extremely professional and responsive"

Corey was instrumental in helping us become first time homeowners. From the very beginning of the process, Corey was extremely professional and responsive. He was always diligent in responding to all our questions and was always knowledgable. Ultimately, he helped us find the perfect home through a seamless process and we could not be any happier.

- Alan L.

"awesome real estate agent"

Corey was our awesome real estate agent who helped us buy our house in San Francisco. His knowledge of the market, patience and strategy were all key to winning in this crazy housing market. He's a great asset to have on your side as you try and navigate the very complex and ever-moving real estate market of San Francisco. We couldn't have done it without him!

- Kalie M.

"extremely well organized"

I have worked with Corey on a couple of transactions now and I love working with him. We buy condo as investment properties and then rent them out. I find that Corey is extremely well organized which is key to me as an investor I want to have as efficient of a process as possible without unnecessary drama. In addition, he brings great market reconnaissance to every property we have bid on, not just third party market data, but his own perspective on recent comparable transactions. I also love the fact that Corey always makes himself available on a schedule that works for me. For me he has always gone beyond the call of duty to make sure we put our self in a strong position to win the properties we are bidding on as well as having a straightforward closing without unexpected surprises.

- Cary C.

"exceptional during the entire process"

Corey was exceptional during the entire process of purchasing our home. During the whole process he was professional and patient even when we had setbacks. He went above and beyond any expectations we had in order to help us get through the whole process.Corey was flexible and was willing to accommodate my family's erratic time schedule. Corey responded to any and all inquiries we had even during later hours of the night far quicker than we anticipated.Him being Bilingual in Cantonese was exceptionally helpful when working with my non-english speaking parents.

- Justin L.